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Level Extreme - High end professional consulting - Petit-Rocher
Welcome to our site
Level Extreme is a Canadian corporation based in New Brunswick owned an operated by Michel Fournier, a professional, visionary, perfectionist, mostly known for his renowned realizations over the years, by having provided high end IT consulting worldwide, has owned and operated three companies, delivered worldwide renowned e-commerce Web sites, designed and architected two world class top level development frameworks, wrote over 100 IT articles for various sources, presented at user groups, conventions and corporations nationwide as well as in the US, has provided his contribution in political and legal issues to provide a better world, CEO for Level Extreme Inc., Architect Applications/Software & Universal Thread Product Manager for a Montreal's firm, 7 times Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for VB.NET, 7 times Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Visual FoxPro, Developers Choice award for best site at VFP DevCon 2000 Connections in New Orleans.

Also known for turning large scale projects into weeks and months instead of months and years at a fraction of the cost whereas other teams would quote, he makes the impossible possible, providing by the same considerable annual savings at various levels for clients and companies he gets involved.

He provides high end professional consulting nationwide and internationally. He specializes in IT solutions in the .NET world as well as for the SQL Server platform. Level of expertise includes architecture, data modeling, feasibility study, prototyping, analysis, development, training, mentoring, standardization, testing phases, framework, RAD, OOP, OOD, Internet, e-commerce. Give us a call now at 506-547-9500 to know more.