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Best practices
This section describes some proper etiquette to adopt and respect when using the forums. In addition to the respect of the Terms & Conditions of the site, we recommend this reading which contains some useful notes about the usage of such forum.

Enjoy the fact that you are a user of a great community! The following notes contain material aimed at increasing the chances of getting replies to your messages, answers, as well as better collaboration with other users, among many things.
No need for carriage returns
There is no need to do manual carriage returns when you create a message. This is handled automatically by your browser. This helps the readability of the messages. However, you may add manual carriage returns where appropriate such as for paragraph separators. Writing everything in one big message makes it difficult to read.
Use only a dynamic signature
At any time, when creating a message, you should always avoid to put a static signature. There is no need to do that as the system will always use the dynamic signature which is defined in your profile. This is really important for various factors. One of them is to avoid seeing your static signature at several places in the same message where the thread becomes long. One other benefit will be to always have your signature up to date because when you update your signature, it will be reflected on all previous postings you have done before.

Your signature can be defined in your profile. Once in the forum, you may simply click on "Account\General settings" to adjust it.
No personal information in messages
Do not post personal information in messages. Those requests may be addressed directly by email to our support team.
Inserting a link to another message
You can insert a link to another message by simply using a recognized syntax on the site. If you want refer to a specific thread, simply use one of the following syntax:
  1. THREAD#
  2. THREAD #
When this syntax is inserted in a message, following by the message ID, the site will automatically establish a link to the required thread. This assumes the thread ID entered exists.

A thread is the sum of all messages related to an initial message created. In a regular context, a user would create a new message, know as a post, which could be a question about a specific topic or to open a conversation, for example, to exchange and collect feedback from other users. Then, when replies are created to that message, as well as other ones from the same initial message, this creates what is known as a thread. Establishing a reference to a thread means to establish a reference to the first message of that said thread.

To establish a link to a message in that thread, as well as to the first message of the thread, the MESSAGE syntax can be used. If you want refer to a specific message, simply use one of the following syntax:
  2. MESSAGE #
Never send a private message to a user to sollicitate technical support in private. It is really impolite to do something like this.

The purpose of this option is to allow users to exchange messages in private when justification is applicable.

Sending a technical support message in private to a user when the topic is for the general audience forces that user to reply to you. It may not be in the user's intention to invest some time to help you in private. Every user on the site is free to help when they want to. Any technical support message should be posted by clicking on the New option in the top toolbar.

In such a situation, you are most than likely to never receive a reply from that user. Or, if you receive one, it might be a rude reply as sollicitation on the site is forbidden.