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Enterprise hosting
The Enterprise Hosting allows you to have a site built for your own needs. The technology behind the Level Extreme platform can now offer the same for your business needs under 24 hours. You can have it by tomorrow! Under the .com of your choice, fully secured under a SSL certificate, either public or private, you can have the number of forums you wish with its selection of categories. Interface is presently offered in English and French. Additional interfaces, soon to be translated, will offer the product in Spanish and Portuguese as well as other languages.

We have clients using our engine for more than 20 years. They still confirm the threaded engine and the overall structure is still something unique on the Internet. Highly professional, extremely fast, with all the tools users need to manage their messages and related content, the Level Extreme platform can respond to your technical support needs for your product. Impress your customers and offer them the technology which has created a social context since more than two decades.

Give us a call today at (506) 547-9500 to know more. We will be happy to explain everything about it, and, if possible, we could even travel at your company to see you in person and provide related demonstrations.

The Service
The Enterprise Hosting is a professional « threaded » engine into which your users can benefit of a full-blown interface, NOT a Web page. Thus, content is not continuously reloading. What your users are getting is a smart interface within an environment where notifications and working session is highly and fully customized. This is like an App but on the Web. That technology has been running as is since the day it was introduced.

The « learning curve », if any, wouldn't be that much. The interface is fairly simple to use and friendly among peers. The service is instant thus there is no latency between clicks, such as you would see on major Web sites into which the reloading of the entire content costs a lot of time and simply irritates the users. What you see if what you get. Users do not have to open « hamburger », menu style type to figure out where an option is hiding. The product focuses on productivity NOT gaming gadgets.

This is a working session into which some users are logging in at the beginning of the day and uses it as a tool for their daily jobs, while some others remain connected and check it out at various times during the day, the evening and even overnight. The main important thing is that they know when there is something they want to be involved with.

Among benefits of the service, we note the following ones:
  • Use the .com of your choice
  • SSL secure certificate
  • Choose your forums
  • Choose your categories
  • Public or private
  • Multilingual interfaces
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Administration interface
  • Guidance from professional consulting
  • Competitive fix monthly rate (setup fee may apply)
  • Monthly renewal process for as long as you wish
  • Evolve as your business grows
  • Maintenance and add-ons at no cost (unless specified otherwise)
  • Customized development as needed
  • 24/7 hosting into a highly secure facility
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