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The site make use of extensive stylesheets, javascript and other related technologies to offer you an interface which allows full flexibility of using the support area. This document describes some technical guidelines in regards to that.
Base resolution
We recommend using the site with at least a 1280x1024 resolution. While you can resize the browser window and the interface will adjust accordingly, we do recommend that minimum so to insure that everything will be visible on the screen.

Cache issues
We have found that most of the problems reported are being related to cache issues. At first, we suggest you reload the page with F5. If this does not work, you may delete the temporary browser's files and restart the browser. In order for this to work, you would need to close all browser instances. As, each browser loads the initialize configuration at first, you might then want to make sure they are all closed before proceeding with this step.

Every click opens in a new window
Once the login is done, if every click opens in a new window, you need to adjust your setting in Internet Explorer. That can be done in Tools/Internet Options. Then, go in General/Tabs/Settings. Make sure "Open links from other programs in" is not checked to "A new window".

Login submits to several tabs under Vista
Users running Internet Explorer under Vista might experience difficulties doing their login. We have discovered that this could trigger the opening of each frame into its own tab. Thus, the interface cannot be loaded properly. Using it that way will make it impossible to work on the site. We haven't been able to locate the exact problem or to find a setting that could rectify the situation. Users running under Vista have switched to Firefox or another browser to avoid the problem. Some users also reported that they were able to run Internet Explorer but had to boot under XP.

Clicking on Login does nothing
When doing the login, if you press Enter or click on the Login image to do the login and nothing happens, this is because your browser security is set to High level. Basically, if you use your browser with this setting, you will not be able to do much on the Internet. The High level disables the Javascript, messages that we are trying to send to provide you information about actions you do on the sites, disables the cookie support so we have no way of knowing who is behind the keyboard assuming you would have done your login successfully and so on.

We have observed this behavior with Internet Explorer 9. To adjust, simply go in "Internet options", click on Security, and lower the "Security level for this zone" option to Medium-High.

How to enable Javascript?
The disabling of Javascript will make your presence on the Internet a painful one. Basically, it would be like removing the wheels from your car and trying to go the distance. The disabling of Javascript can be related to several security related settings. The most common ones are many times related to the users not even aware that an update of their browser, an installation of a third party security software or anything else that was recently installed on their PC could have triggered an increase of security. We have to remember that most vendors might have the idea that all sites are bad on the Internet and obviously it should not be the case. So, if you end up in that situation, here is a small list of things to look for.
  1. If you have Internet Explorer 9, go in in "Internet options", click on Security, and check if "Security level for this zone" option is set to High. If this is the case, set it to Medium-High.

  2. If you have Internet Explorer 9, you may also add this site to the list of your trusted sites. This usually resolves all situations. To do this, go in "Internet options", click on Security, select Trusted sites, click on Sites, uncheck "Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone", click Add, click Close and click OK.

Problems with login
If you are repeatly being prompted to log in, with no validation message, it is because your username and password are correct but because your browser is rejecting the Cookie, it acts as if your authentication cannot be established. Please, see this page for more information on how to enable the support of Cookies in your browser.

Other than that, the following points could be the cause of this situation:
  1. It has been reported that Anonymizer 2005 could cause problems during the login. To adjust the situation, simply set Anonymous Browsing Off for the site.
  2. Users running Live Onecare might found themselves in the situation that they are constantly being forwarded to the login page, even if the login is successfull. To resolve the issue, simply disable Live Onecare.

  3. The password on the site is case sensitive. Thus, it has to be entered as is in order for the login procedure to be a success. If you cannot remember the proper casing of the password, you may use the Password Recovery option.
If all the previous points did not help, you will have to call us at 506-547-9500 so we can help you resolve this issue.