Happy 10th Anniversary - Many thanks to those who signed the card
Monday, January 1st, 2001
Hugh Winters, Worlddata Services, Inc
Hugh Winters is the lead programmer for WorldData, Inc. Napa, California, USA. He has been programming in FoxPro since 1989 and is a frequent presenter at his local Visual FoxPro SIG in San Jose, California.
Many thanks to all who signed the card
  1. Congratulations for your 10th anniversary birthday since the purchase of Fox Software! Keep it rolling!
    Michel Fournier, Fournier Transformation, Anjou, Quebec, Canada

  2. Thanks for bringing me such a wonderful product. Here's my sincere hope for another 10 years together!
    Hugh Winters, Worlddata Services, Inc, Napa, California, United States

  3. FoxPro Rocks!!!
    Sarosh Wadia, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  4. Happy birthday,thanks for brought great happy to us in the past years! from china foxer
    Fbilo Fbilo, Bilo Office, Fuyang, China

  5. Best wishes for the next ten years! Ok, now get back to work... :-)
    Gérald Santerre, Gerald Santerre enrg., Mascouche, Quebec, Canada

  6. Still one of the most powerful, flexible, feature rich, robust, and stable development tools available, even in the dotNET age. Thanks Microsoft. Elmer Adkins
    Elmer Adkins, Ari Environmental Inc., Louisville, Kentucky, United States

  7. Thanks for delivering such a Kick @ss product. FoxPro's unique features meet our needs like no other application on the market can (i.e. Interactive Command Window, COMPLETE application development environment). Without it we'd be dead in the water. Aloha, James Pakele
    James Pakele, Waianae, Hawaii, United States

  8. Congratulations on a remarkable 10 years! Thanks for your continuing efforts to improve my absolute favorite and most productive development tool! Don't stop now!
    Larry Moody, Capital Credit Alliance, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

  9. Congratulations for 10th Microsoft + FoxPro anniversary, and many happy returns! Nick Neklioudov, Microsoft MVP - Visual FoxPro, Maritime Life Assurance Co., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Nick Neklioudov, Maritime Life Assurance Co., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

  10. I'm a new developer. What you've done with Visual FoxPro, by keeping data and language engines together makes an ideal platform. Thanks.
    Pablo Rivera, New Information Software, Albany, New York, United States

  11. Happy Birthday. Still lot... to be done. So dont stop on 10. U deserve to be greeted by my next 50 cards every year :). with best regards, Nitin
    Nitin Bhave, Pune, India

  12. To another 10 years! Thanks for a great product.
    Evan Delay, Universal Thread, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

  13. 10 Years? My, how time flies when you're having fun! Thanks for the memories and also for many more future versions. Let's go for 10 more!
    David Stevenson, Component Developer Magazine, Atlanta, Georgia, United States

  14. Thanks for building such a flexible and powerful tool! And here's to the 10 next years! Pablo Flores Isengard Corporation Houston, Tx., USA
    Pablo Flores, Isengard Corporation, Houston, Texas, United States

  15. Thank you for constantly making a great product better and better. FoxPro has helped me grow as a database designer and the FoxPro evolution has helped me grow as a software developer. Thanks for the lessons and keep them coming.
    Will Donaldson, Black Diamond Software, Inc., New York, New York, United States

  16. Congratulations for your 10th anniversary. Keep up the good work. Best Regards Rajeev NET-COM Dubai U.A.E
    Rajeev N.V, Net-Com, Dubai, United Arab Em.

  17. Thank you for such a productive product. I am always amazed by the range of applications that I am able to create with Visual FoxPro. Joel Lang
    Joel Lang, Lincoln County, Merrill, Wisconsin, United States

  18. If in 10 years VFP has become this amazing tool, what about 10 more years?? :) Thanks, Microsoft! And remember: this son deserver much, much more!!!
    Claudio Lassala, RapoZine, São Paulo, Brazil

  19. Torgny Gerthsson Sweden
    Torgny Gerthsson, Ifoe Ceramics AB, Bromoella, Sweden

  20. Thanks for keeping Fox awesome!
    Barbara Peisch, Peisch Custom Software, Inc., Carlsbad, California, United States

  21. Happy birthday to VFP and my VFP applications.
    Km Kwun, Eastop Consultants Limited, Nt, Hong Kong

  22. Happy Birthday. Long life for Visual Foxpro !
    Adrian Tufa, ., Galati, Romania

  23. I've only been working with FoxPro since 1999, but it made me put Deplhi in the trashcan, and I hope to enjoy VFP for many more years! Congratulations!
    Johan IJzerman, Digital Dynamics Itc, Deventer, Netherlands

  24. In hope of at least 10 more years....
    Marcus Alt, TMN-Systemberatung GmbH, Ilsfeld, Germany

  25. I have used all the versions of FoxPro since Foxplus, including the Mac version. I have been very happy with each new version of Visual FoxPro and am looking to another 10 years of developing applications with this powerful and versitile language/data engine.
    Tevye Brown, Tevye Brown Consulting, Bronx, New York, United States

  26. Happy Birthday. Long life for Visual Foxpro ! Ajay Mishra , MothersonSumi INfotech & Design Limited, Noida , INDIA
    Ajay Mishra, konstruct systems STP division, Chandigarh, India

  27. Thankyou Microsoft for taking a fantastic program and making it even better.
    Doug Johnston, Vision Sales, Frankston, Australia

  28. To another 10 years and to another 10 years and ...
    Predrag Bosnic, Whitebutton Software Ltd, London, United Kingdom

  29. Happy birthday! Keep up the good work.
    Daniel Gramunt, Nokia, Lausanne, Switzerland

  30. Happy Anniversary and looking forward for another 10 years with VFP.
    Mal Shiroma, eTechnologies, Inc., Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

  31. As a Clipper programmer migrating to Windows development, FoxPro was my first natural choice. I couldn´t because of those constant rumors ... then I saw version 3.0 coming, then 5.0, then 6.0 wich was when I started recovering the lost time, now the fantastic 7.0 version e the coming Toledo. My main sugestion for the Wish List is: "At least another 10 years for this terrific tool" (well, and also at least some advertising in Brazil, so we can see our comunity grow :o) - Thank you Bill and the Fox Team! Happy Birthday !!!
    Eduardo Vidigal, Grupo Fox Brasil / Foxtotal / Rapozine, São Paulo, Brazil

  32. 10 years of cool developer tools, keep it up guys.
    Neil Tonkin, Pcs Limited, Birmingham, United Kingdom

  33. Many happy returns of this day ! If Foxpro wouldn't exist, someone has to invent it.
    Michael Schmitz, Bergneustadt, Germany

  34. For a decade now the Fox runs circles around any other combination of database and OOP-development tool and builds genious webservices. Maybe marketingwise Visual FoxPro is the "COBOL" of Microsoft where it should be the MS-PHP/mySQL and the scripting language of choice (AFP) . Thank you for a successfull decade in the name of 1000+ users in Germany!
    Rainer Becker, Dfpug C/O Isys Gmbh, Kronberg, Germany

  35. Foxpro. What a fantastic tools. Keep on the good work. Congratulations!
    Cheah Kwan Loon, B.P. Clinical Lab, Ipoh, Malaysia

  36. Congratulations from Germany for 10 Years developing a great Tool. - Joerg Schneider B&R DV-Informationssysteme GmbH-
    Jörg Schneider, B & R DV-Informationssysteme GmbH, Speyer, Germany

  37. Because majority of our applications are developed using Visual Foxpro, we would like to say Thank You Microsoft for making it a great product. We are hoping for more marketing so that VFP is still here in the next 10 years...
    Jess Banaga, Computer Craft Corporation, Manila, Philippines

  38. Long live, VFP. I hope there will be another 10 more wonderful years to go from now... From, Farouk Yew Abdullah R&D Manager of Visual Solutions (Malaysia)
    Farouk Yew, Visual Solutions (M) Sdn. Bhd., Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  39. Just keep up the good work!
    Jaime B. Pinto, Job - Advanced Software Solutions, Ramat Hasharon, Israel

  40. Long live the Fox!
    Josef Ganitzer, iisii software, Salzburg, Austria

  41. Good work on the VFP Product!! Here's looking forward to the next 10 years! Tau Lim, Carella Ltd
    Tau P Lim, Carella, London, United Kingdom

  42. Thanks to the VFP team at Microsoft who have evolved VFP into the most productive OOP programming environment in the MS lineup or elsewhere; and to the Fox community that has partnered with MS in this extraordinary success.
    Hank Fay, Professional Systems Plus, Inc., Naples, Florida, United States

  43. Congratulations for the 10th aniversary of this winner! I'm together with the Fox for 12 years, wish to go along with it at least for the next 12! Keep the great works, folks!
    Fernando Alvares, Pointer Tecnologia Ltda, Porto Alegre-Rs, Brazil

  44. Bill, after 12 years experience in development using MS products (1 still remember Windows 1!), I can honestly say that Visual FoxPro is the best PC development platform you have ever produced, bar none. What are your future plans for VFP?
    Neil Ryder, BT France, Paris, France

  45. may you keep this card in mind... we exist Fred VFP MVP
    Frederic Steczycki, Armoni, Juillenay, France

  46. Keep up the good work guys, and let us all look forward to 10 even better years with this great product!
    Eyvind W. Axelsen, Profdoc Norge As, Oslo, Norway

  47. Congratulations!! Keep it alive, it is so damn good!!!
    Gerben Kessen, Wantit, Hoofddorp, Netherlands

  48. Happy 10th Anniversary to Microsoft's Visual Foxpro! It's been a fantastic ten years and let's make it an even better next 10 years! Fox Rocks!
    Patrick Stovall, Hermitage, Tennessee, United States

  49. I hope that the product will have at least another 10 years in front of it. This is a great tool and it's getting better all the time, here's to hoping more marketing goes into it ! Benoit Bouchard Programmer
    Benoit Bouchard, Charny, Quebec, Canada

  50. Great Job on VFP! Lawrence Haslem
    Lawrence Haslem, Mercer University Engineering Research, Warner Robins, Georgia, United States

  51. Thanks Microsoft, especially the FoxTeam..Great job and keep it coming.
    Julie Suchcicki, Capital Crossing Bank, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

  52. Happy Anniversary! Thanks to the whole VFP team and Microsoft for continuing on with making VFP one of the best database application development tools on the market. Let see 10 more years!
    Brian Jacon, CSAI Consulting, Inc., Albany, New York, United States

  53. Thanks for a great product !! Keep up the good work !!
    Greg Smith, SmithTec, Inc., Easley, South Carolina, United States

  54. Been a Fox developer since the mid 80's. Thanks for keeping the tool alive and making a great product better.
    Robert Srodulski, Perotsystems, Orlando, Florida, United States

  55. Thanks for keeping the "Fox" alive through the years. It's been putting the bread and butter on my table since the days of Foxbase. It just keeps getting better and better. J. Dale Stansberry, Sedalia, Mo.
    Dale Stansberry, Computut, Sedalia, Missouri, United States

  56. Happy 10th for Microsoft and the Fox.
    Michael Mclain, Gilbarco Inc., Thomasville, North Carolina, United States

  57. Van harte gefeliciteerd!
    Peter De Valença, ViaFox, Haarlem, Netherlands

  58. Thanks to the Visual FoxPro Team and the Management of Microsoft for keeping the faith in one of the most powerful database development platforms ever created. 10 years old... 'whodathunk??
    Tommy Tillman, RSVP, Inc, Greensboro, North Carolina, United States

  59. In the movie Blade Runner, the lead Nexus 6 having traveled the universe explains his short 4 year life with the Phrase "I have seen things you wouldn't believe". Foxpro and now VFP have allowed me to be an independent developer and have allowed me the same expression for my life. Thanks is nowhere near a big enough word but its the best I have. Ron Darling, Fort Worth TX.
    Ron Darling, Ix.Sys, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas, United States

  60. May the Fox be with us .... for many, many more years. Thanks to all who've made the product great !! William (Buddy) Karvois
    William Buddy Karvois, ODOD - Operations \ IT, Hilliard, Ohio, United States

  61. Calvin says it best -- FOX ROCKS!
    Mark McCasland, M & J Software, Hurst, Texas, United States

  62. Thanks for taking a great product and improving it far beyond what it already was. Keep up the excellent technical work -- there is no limits on VFP can become as a teenager!
    Kevin Emmrich, Jk Technologies, Inc., Delray Beach, Florida, United States

  63. Thanks for sticking with us...
    Ronald Thorp, Fox-Pros, Inc., Saint Cloud, Florida, United States

  64. As I remember things, many people were very uncomfortable with Microsoft buying Foxpro. It started the rumours of Foxpro's demise. I'm glad it hasn't happened. Mike Yearwood
    Mike Yearwood, Fox Ridge Systems International Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  65. Keek up the good work. Congratulations for the wonderful tool you have come to develop.
    Carlos Jimenez, Acs Computer Systems, North York, Ontario, Canada

  66. Happy anniversary gang! Thanks for the Fox!
    Marty Smith, Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States

  67. A great 10 years for a great development tool. Here's to 10 more! Tracy Holzer
    Tracy Holzer, Hope Mills, North Carolina, United States

  68. Ten years of great innovation and still, "Nothing runs like a Fox"...and "The best is yet to come." Congratulations.
    George Tasker, Shaw Contract Group, Cartersville, Georgia, United States

  69. Thanks for 10 very innovative years. We look forward to many many more.
    Jim Nelson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  70. Keep on running Fox :-)
    Volker Rautenberg, ProCRM IT Systems AG, Kaiserslautern, Germany

  71. Looking into the future with a hope for this excellent product. Keep it up!
    Nadya Nosonovsky, The Warren Group, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

  72. Happy 10th!!! Thanks for making Visual FoxPro the best PC database application development product! Keep up the good work!
    David Crooks, Custom Design Compuware, Fairfax, Virginia, United States

  73. Long live foxpro. Thanks for 10 great years...
    John Baird, The Genesys Group, Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania, United States

  74. 10 years. Wow! It only seems like a decade. I would like to extend my best wishes and thanks for a great run. Selfishly, I would like to see VFP become bigger, better, and badder. That would mean success for you AND success for me. A win-win situation. To achieve this, all that I ask is, when it comes to handling VFP, you "do the right thing" for the developers. You can't lose and you won't be sorry.
    Dave Aring, Vision Data Solutions, Inc., Overland Park, Kansas, United States

  75. What an awesome product! Wish I'd discovered it sooner! A real find for someone who has worked for many years in networking IT!
    Alan Kincer, Ki(Usa), Berea, Kentucky, United States

  76. May we have another 10 great years together. Jim Booth
    Jim Booth, James Booth Consulting, Prospect, Connecticut, United States

  77. Great product. Keep it up! Vince Teachout Caracal Software Stephentown, NY
    Vince Teachout, Caracal Software, Stephentown, New York, United States

  78. A terrific and versatile tool to develop all sorts of applications!! Stephen Despres EZ Data Inc
    Stephen Despres, EZ Data Inc, King George, Virginia, United States

  79. Happy 10th Anniversary! Thanks for all the hard work, dedication to a product, and all your efforts to make VFP a continuing success.
    Phil Thomas, Stoody Co, Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States

  80. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to everyone at Microsoft who has played a role in delivering to FoxPro developers 10 years worth of new and improved versions of a terrific tool for developing and delivering database applications. Congratulations, thanks very much, and keep up the excellent work!
    Kelly Conway, WSA Corp, Lees Summit, Missouri, United States

  81. We used FoxPro even before you purchased it. You have done an excellent job of not just continuing the product, but improving it.
    Curt Hamlin, P&NP Computer Services, Inc., Brockport, New York, United States

  82. I appreciate the support and extend my most hearty congratulations for the work you have done so far, and I would like to thank you now for the continuing support you are going to provide in the future. Visual FoxPro is the best development platform I have ever used! Stephen S. Wolfe, GS-11, DAF MacDill AFB, FL
    Stephen Wolfe, United States Air Force, Tampa, Florida, United States

  83. Congratulations per the 10 years and in providing them what it has of better in development. Long life to the Visual Fox Pro
    Fabiano Costa, Beta Informatica, Vitória, Brazil

  84. After having taught FoxPro for Windows to end users for several years, I was thrust into the position of no longer being able to teach due to a noncompete contract. I'm blessed to be able to be actually programming in Visual FoxPro (what I went to school for) instead of just teaching. Thanks for the platform and keep it going! Ray Heilman
    Ray Heilman, Myers & Stauffer, Frankfort, Kentucky, United States

  85. "FoxPro, one of the best database development environments available." Bob Horkay
    Robert Horkay, Quilogy, Grandview, Missouri, United States

  86. Thanks for making a great FoxPro product into an even better Visual FoxPro! Looking forward to the next 10 years of innovation!
    Chuck Urwiler, EPS Software Corporation, Houston, Texas, United States

  87. Thanks to Dr. Dave, too!
    Lew Schwartz, Clsystems, Brooklyn, New York, United States

  88. Congratulations to everyone of them who have directly or indirectly made FoxPro to be one of the best development tools and to bring it to this level and will help it to reach many more new heights. It is a privilege to be part of group which is always thriving to achieve new heights. Thank you all for your contributions and unbiased efforts. 10 Years is good long time and together we can go on for longer.
    Yashkamal Patel, Concord Business Systems, Inc., Kennesaw, Georgia, United States

  89. Thank you for a tool that makes creating professional applications a snap. Here is to many more years for VFP!
    Greg Watson, Genesis Software, Bellevue, Washington, United States

  90. Congratulations! I wish this 10th anniversary is the first of a series of decades of Visual FoxPro!
    Alonso Licks, Fremont - Assessoria Em Informática Ltda, Porto Alegre, Brazil

  91. Thanks for keep enhancing this product hearing to the community!
    Martín Salías, Merino Aller, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  92. I've been using Fox since 1988. For more than half of the the business applications I've developed, its been the tool of choice. Truely a world-class product.
    Thom Chichester, PSIMedica, Woodbine, Maryland, United States

  93. I would like to thank everyone that has contributed to FoxPro over the years. The last 10 years have been the most successful of my career due in large part to the community that make this great development tool the best.
    Doug Carpenter, Vision Data Solutions, Independence, Missouri, United States

  94. Thank you for continuing to fund and make ever more robust my favorite programming tool. Has it been ten years already??? Thanks to all the folks at Microsoft for the fantastic ride. Here's to another 10... John Powers INFOLynx, Englewood, NJ USA
    John Powers, Infolynx, Englewood, New Jersey, United States

  95. Thank you for the very productive development tool. I hope to see muct more innovations!
    Gennadiy Grechko, Generation 5 Data Modeling, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  96. Happy Anniversary! I can't wait to do this again on the 20th anniversary.
    Bob Tracy, Independent Consultant, Driftwood, Texas, United States

  97. Thanks Microsoft for supporting the best Programming Language ever. Francisko Paternoster
    Francisko Paternoster, Miami, Florida, United States

  98. I've been developing in FoxPro since the Microsoft buyout. It has certainly been the best development experience of my life. The language continues to evolve, allowing me to develop better software, and the community that supports it is the best there is. Thanks for making it all happen. Here is to another 10 years.
    Bud Wheeler, Vision Data Solutions, Inc., Independence, Missouri, United States

  99. Keep this product alive! It is a terrific one! Mike
    Michael Savage, Mike's Computing Service, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

  100. “What a long strange trip it’s been.” Look at the progress from DOS, WIN and now Visual in a 4th version. Let’s keep the small developers armed with the best tools to help their clients and everyone is a winner.
    Stephen Russell, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, United States

  101. Happy Birthday to the Fox Team! And hopefully we experience another ten years of Fox at Microsoft...
    Jürgen Wondzinski, Prolib Software GmbH, Seebruck, Germany

  102. Many happy returns for a fantastic product.
    Dick Heyder, Heyder Enterprises, West Frankfort, Illinois, United States

  103. Thanks to Bill and Melinda!
    Morys Azcarate, Mutual Service Corporation, West Palm Beach, Florida, United States

  104. I had the honor of working with the Fox Team in 2001 and I now have great respect and admiration for the entire team. The Fox team is one of the most dedicated and passionate group of developers. Here's to another 10 years!!
    Cathy Pountney, Frontier Software Solutions, Inc., Rockford, Michigan, United States

  105. Congratulations from our team to your team. Keep the cool tools coming. Jim Durkin CMS
    James Durkin, cornerstone/Snapclose, Parsippany, New Jersey, United States

  106. Hey Bill, are you not gonna give a party as you did for VB,just kidding, anyway you made a good decision in buying in Fox, please look after it. Akhan,Troy,Michigan
    AKhan A, Troy, Michigan, United States

  107. thanks for 10 great years. Keep up the good work and keep improving the product!
    Alan Wyne, Rollpak Corp, Goshen, Indiana, United States

  108. I dissaticfaction for microsofts purcased fox software. because, formerly foxpro have a cross-platform language specifiations: dos, windows, machintosh, unix. microsoft stopped this. because microsoft wanted to prevent other platforms growing. I love to foxpro, but I hate to microsoft. metin emre
    Metin Emre, Ozcom Bilgisayar Ltd., Istanbul, Turkey

  109. What's left to you when you get a robust OOP language, the fastest desktop database engine ever, an interactive command window plus many other great features all wrapped up in a single product? But most of all, you get the GREATEST community of users this side of the universe! Thank you MICROSFOT. Thank you all who make it happen.
    Eric de Jesús Muñoz, SICAD. Sistemas Empresariales, Guadalajara, Mexico

  110. Happy 10th VFP/Microsoft birthday. May VFP 8 be just the first of multiple successful new releases!
    Spencer Redfield, Managed Healthcare Northwest, Inc., Portland, Oregon, United States

  111. I concur with all the good wishes and comments of gratitude from the 100+ previous signers!
    John Nehring, Comptutor, Inc, Atlanta, Georgia, United States

  112. Happy 10th anniversary to the whole FoxPro team! Thanks for giving us such a great tool to use.
    David Frankenbach, Austin, Texas, United States

  113. Thanks for a great product.
    Stan Vaninger, LMC Industries, Inc., Saint Louis, Missouri, United States

  114. Happy Birthday!
    Dennis Kreuzenstein, Air Monitor Corp., Lake Havasu, Arizona, United States

  115. Happy 10th Anniversary!!! Thanks for such a great product!!
    Wayne Myers, Forte' Inc, Mobile, Alabama, United States

  116. Happy 10th, Fox, and keep it coming!
    Steve Gibson, HNJ, Inc., Garland, Texas, United States

  117. Have greatly appreciated using VFP over the years and look forward to many to come. It is one of the most enjoyable tools I have ever used.
    Bill Caton, E D S / Centers For Disease Control, Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States

  118. FoxPro Rocks ;-)
    Ashish Bindra, MRS, Seattle, Washington, United States

  119. Happy 10th - Keep the upgrades coming. Its a great product for distributed programming. Gaylen Jungling
    Gaylen Jungling, Gaylen Jungling & Assoc., Tallahassee, Florida, United States

  120. VFP is still the best tool to deal with data. Yes, even better than .NET which I very much enjoy. It gives my company a Sirius advantage in our market. Thanks.
    Mike Yeager, Siriusware, Taos, New Mexico, United States

  121. Happy Anniversary to a product that has contributed to a very fulfilling career!
    Michael Reynolds, ReynoldsWorks, Goleta, California, United States

  122. Happy 10th Anniversary. FoxPro is what my business is based on. Thank You for all you have done to keep it the best language out there.
    Stephen E Johnson, Johnson & Associates Business Software, Corvallis, Oregon, United States

  123. It was my favorite DBMS development system then and even more so today! Happy 10th anniversary.
    David Fluker, E D S - Centers For Disease Control, Decatur, Georgia, United States

  124. Congratulations for the best MS Developer's tool, and thanks also to the VFP team at Microsoft.
    Peter Wagner, Point Informática Ltda., Limeira, Brazil

  125. 10 years and the "best is yet to come!"
    Tom Bellmer, Kansas, United States

  126. A very Happy 10-year marriage anniversary to FoxPro and Microsoft, and the family on both sides : community and MS developpers. Keep serving this wonderfull product I've loved for over 10 years.
    Thierry Nivelet, Abaque, Suresnes, France

  127. Congratulations to Microsoft and all the community of developer of foxpro. I hope that our dear fox continue evolving with the support of all we. Josué Maldonado. San Pedro Sula, Honduras.
    Josue Enoc, San Pedro Sula, Honduras

  128. Great job guys! Here is to another 10 years.
    Hector Correa, Vision Data Solutions, Inc., Overland Park, Kansas, United States

  129. Wow! 10 years. Who'd have thought the Fox would still be around given all the gloom and doom from others. Here's to keeping it around at least another 10 years!
    Fred Taylor, BBMS, Inc, Phoenix, Arizona, United States

  130. Looking forward to another 10 Gret Years!! Ken and Alan Buch Ken Buch Associates Tolland, CT
    Ken Buch, Ken Buch Associates, Tolland, Connecticut, United States

  131. Great Product!! Happy Birthday!
    Terry Fisher, Affidavit Maker Software, Springfield, Ohio, United States

  132. I sign this card in the name of the 10 programmer working with this great software Thanks for 10 years hope to have the chance to see 10 more year of evolution Benoit Martineau Data Dis inc Québec,Québec Canada
    Marc Blackburn, Data Dis Inc., Quebec, Quebec, Canada

  133. FoxPro Rocks!! If there is a data question in industry these days, Visual FoxPro 7 is the answer 1000% of the time!! Congratulations Microsoft on 10 great years!! John C. Gunvaldson, Dataquick, La Jolla, California
    John Gunvaldson, Dataquick Information Systems, San Diego, California, United States

  134. Thanks for making it possible to have such a fun career! Harold Chattaway
    Harold Chattaway,, Ashby, Massachusetts, United States

  135. I am still as enthusiastic about Toledo '02 as I was for The Fox in Toledo, '92 Thank you, and keep it coming!
    Al Allison, AMPS Automation, Inc., Morgantown, West Virginia, United States

  136. Thanks for all your hard work!
    Tom Hayward, Futures First, Inc., Chicago, Illinois, United States

  137. FoxPro 2.0 (1992) - The best tool on my desktop, Visual FoxPro 7.0 (2002) - Still the best tool on my desktop. Congrats! Keep the upgrades coming!
    Mark Mansfield, MASHSC L.L.C., Ostrander, Ohio, United States

  138. Here's to another 10 years!
    Barbara Paltiel, Paltiel Inc., Burlingame, California, United States

  139. I can't imagine life without Fox! Thanks Microsoft!
    Ivan Miller, Ivan Miller Consulting, Tucson, Arizona, United States

  140. Happy 10th Anniversary. Keep if foxing.
    Garrett Davis, Apartment Registry Plus, Decatur, Georgia, United States

  141. VFP is the best tool for me. I love it. Keep up the good work.
    Peter Cortiel, PC Software, Willington, Connecticut, United States

  142. Happy 10th, and hoping for at least 10 more for the greatest data access language on the planet!
    Jim Eddins, dbx-Technologies, Atlanta, Georgia, United States

  143. Thanks for the greatest software in the world and the best carrier because of it. Joe Leale
    Joe Leale, Dnastar, Inc, Madison, Wisconsin, United States

  144. You have taken a great product and made it even better! No other tool in the Microsoft Product Line offers the flexibility and robustness of VFP - it's equally at home on the desktop, in a network, and on the internet (either as a web service or a middle-tier component). Keep up the fantastic work!!!!
    Alex Wieder, Tasmanian Traders, Hoboken, New Jersey, United States

  145. I just wanna say something. Nothing Runs like a fox!. Congratulations
    Esparta Palma, H. Ayuntamiento Const. de Acapulco, Acapulco, Mexico

  146. Ten years of the finest development language. Here's to ten more!
    Sandi Cassidy, Cyberlutions Inc., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  147. Happy Birthday my dear FOX!!! Thanks for your care MS.
    Rolando Rosales, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

  148. Fox - one of your best "adopted pets". Take good care of it.
    Andy Summers, Aquarius Consulting Inc., White Rock, British Columbia, Canada

  149. I wish many more years to this outstanding product.
    Georges Coppens, Beernem, Belgium

  150. Keep it up!
    Tanya Legault, Dooli Creations Enr., Laval, Quebec, Canada

  151. VFP is a consultants dream product! Keep up the great work!
    Paul James, Life-Cycle Technologies, Inc., Flowery Branch, Georgia, United States

  152. Using the Fox since FoxBase+/Mac in 1990. MS Visual FoxPro is still the best database development tool on the planet. Thanks, and keep it up!
    Rich Addison, ERW Custom Programming, Inc., Waterford, Michigan, United States

  153. I have had the pleasure of working with this product since it was FoxBase in 1987. I still have my Fox mug and I still program in FoxPro. It remains a fantastic product thanks to the Microsoft VFP Team. Keep up the good work for at least the next 10 years.
    Barbara Hill, B.L. Hill Applications Limited, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

  154. What a long, strange trip it's been! Happy 10th, and here's to many more!
    Ted Roche, Ted Roche & Associates, LLC, Contoocook, New Hampshire, United States

  155. Happy 10th Birthday Microsoft FoxPro/Visual FoxPro! Jim Kearns VelocityQuest LLC
    Jim Kearns, VelocityQuest LLC, Rowland Heights, California, United States

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    Jean Maurice, Alpiga, Grenoble, France

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  649. I started with dBase II, then dBase III, FoxBase, FoxPlus, FoxPro for Windows and Visual FoxPro. As a 62 year old programmer/analyst/developer, I say thanks for continuing to provide the best tool. You can say what you want about the other tools, but if you have to manipulate data, NOTHING can touch the ease and sophistication of Visual FoxPro. Keep up your good work and THANKS......
    Miles Sandin, Sheltie Systems, Inc., Bridgewater, Va, Virginia, United States

  650. Fantastic work from the MS Fox team, not only for creating a complete development solution but proving to the higher MS powers that Fox was and now is a major player with in the MS development armory. Thanks for keeping Foxy alive and kicking.
    Steve Krause, Jbsdirect, Camberley, United Kingdom

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    Bryan Holmstrom, BPR Group, Inc., Jeffersonville, Pennsylvania, United States

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    Fox J.W., Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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    Robin Hahn, TightBytes, Brisbane, Australia

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    Abby Rosenstein, Figtree Consulting, Inc., Morris Plains, New Jersey, United States

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    James Kilmister, Coldharbour Systems Limited, Bristol, United Kingdom

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    Fritz Maurhofer, Maurhofer Informatik AG, Hinwil, Switzerland

  701. I wish that more people would see its power and flexibilty. Even in the .net-days a wonderful tool with great oportunities. Congratulations! Please be with us for the next 10 Years as well.
    Frank Dietrich, Dietrich Datentechnik, Berlin, Germany

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    Joe Troia, J. Troia, Inc., New City, New York, United States

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    Curtis Hertwig, 11th Circuit, US Court of Appeals, Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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    Nitu Petru, Petsoft Design, Ploiesti, Romania

  707. This is a wonderful IDE and language, though I am new to VFP, what I have learned from other languages has been of tremendous help. What I have learned in VFP I miss in other languages. Thanks Microsoft Fox team!
    R Matthew Songer, Classic Design Services, Inc, Atlanta, Georgia, United States

  708. Foxpro got me started in programming... love OLE automation. If you can't do it with VFP, you don't need it. RonL
    Ron Loranger, Dvmlab, Warwick, Rhode Island, United States

  709. FoxPro Rules!
    Douglas Osborne, GCOM2 Solution, Aston, Pennsylvania, United States

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    Russell Hopple, Ruscomp, Wellington, Florida, United States

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    Philip Pastor, Brulant, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio, United States

  727. I am a happy user/developper of Foxpro apps since the days of FoxBase+ on Macinstosh. Just keeps on getting better everytime. Keep up the good work.
    Hugo Cantin, Telesat Canada, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  728. FoxPro's the greatest development tool I know!
    Merle Roemer, Ira, Newark, Delaware, United States

  729. VFP, no doubt the best software Microsoft has ever released, and the best small to medium client-server GUI RAD Dev tool on the planet! Happy 10th! Jerry Kreps P.S. When ya going to export it to Linux? ;-)
    Jerry Kreps, Nebraska Dept of Revenue, Lincoln, Nebraska, United States

  730. Thanks for keeping such a wonderful, powerful product on the market when you could have killed it. Now if I could only convince the folks here to migrate from COBOL/VSAM to FoxPro instead of SAG Natural.
    Dallen Delk, City of Newport News, Newport News, Virginia, United States

  731. What a wonderful product you've created! I truly enjoy using FoxPro to develop great applications.
    David Thome, Toledo, Ohio, United States

  732. As a longtime Fox Developer (back to it's roots in Toledo) it's been fun to see the product improve and grow since Microsoft took it over. I can't wait to see how it will evolve over the next ten years.
    Bill Luoma, Michigan Health & Hospital Association, Lansing, Michigan, United States

  733. Give it up Bill for Fox.
    Mickey Doubleman, Uab Special Studies, Birmingham, Alabama, United States

  734. I've used Fox software for years, yet I am continually amazed at the continued improvements and how much can be done with this product. Thanks MicroSoft.
    Paul Mccoy, Cross Road Consulting, Jackson, Mississippi, United States

  735. Special congratulations to a super fine product. There is nothing else available that can touch it. Keep up the great work -- and many more!!!!
    Robert C. Johnson, CMS Consulting, Greeneville, Tennessee, United States

  736. VFP is the tool I turn to first. Here's to another 10 years of fun, frolick and productivity.
    Michael Strycharske, Pharmerica, Tampa, Florida, United States

  737. After a slow start for the fox 10 years ago, and some struggles making the transition from 16-bits t0 32-bits (2.x and vfp3), the pace has picked up tremendously over the years, by 2002 and VFP7 we have a cream-of-the-crop product. There simply is no other tool I'd rather be using now than VFP7.
    Bruce Campbell, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Wheaton, Maryland, United States

  738. YOU DA FOX!!! Thanks for the most productive 10 years I could imagine. Please keep up the good work.
    Rick Forbes, Munder Capital Management, Birmingham, Michigan, United States

  739. I wish you ten years more helping the developers to make powerfull applications.
    Ruben Garcia, Iberdom, S. A., Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep.

  740. Congratulations to all the Visual Foxpro Team for the 10 anniversary, I always knew that VFP would pass over the 10th anniversary and I wish It continue projecting toward the future ...
    Amilcar Pino, Cybernet Systems, Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela

  741. To the entire MS FOXPRO team, thank you very much for the tool you have given us to enahnce our careers and our prof. satisfaction. Keep it going!
    Jonathan Cohen, Intermagnetics, Loudonville, New York, United States

  742. Thank you for the purchase by Microsoft of Fox Software. At the time of the purchase, I had already been using FoxBase/FoxPro for five years. One training class in dBase III Plus from UCLA Extension was all the developer training that I had for many years. It helped me to move from the world of financial analysis and accounting into the world of development and information systems. At one time, the entire Finance Department of a division of a large telecommunications/federal government contracting company where I worked was running on FoxPro applications that I had either designed, developed, or inherited from others. The development of Visual FoxPro with its OOP and database container was a tremendous step forward. If I can say so, it put VFP even or ahead of VB/Access and other competitive products for a while. It brought much greater knowledge and maturity in practice to the Fox development community. Now, enterprise systems have brought greater comprehensiveness and scale to the systems work that I do. Still, I received a tremendous education by using FoxPro/Visual FoxPro. I conquered many development challenges on my own and with ocassional help from the wonderful community of other Fox developers. Thank you for all that you have invested in the FoxPro product and FoxPro people over the years. It was a great support and help to the many individuals and organizations that had invested into the product ourselves. As a former visitor/member of the LA Fox User Group, thank you for putting Ken Levy into the position of product manager/executive, etc in order to provide great leadership for the future. Sincerely, Greg Griffith Colorado Springs, CO
    Greg Griffith, Colo Springs, Colorado, United States

  743. Thank you for keeping this wonderful language running!
    Susan Edwards, Made2Manage, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

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    Dennis Downing, EPIQ Systems, Inc., Kansas City, Kansas, United States

  746. I have been using FoxBase/FoxPro/Visual FoxPro and still I haven't found anything that The Fox does not outrun and outmanouver, easily. Keep up the good work fellas. Bjarni Sigurdsson Iceland
    Bjarni Sigurdsson, B S Software, Reykjavik, Iceland

  747. Congratulations from Niteroi-Rio de Janeiro-Brazil! God bless you! Best regards, Marcio
    Marcio Goncalves, Metha Sistemas, Niteroi, Brazil

  748. Happy birthday to the Fox and to all folks that made it the most powerfull and beloved development tool in the world. Best wishes for long life to the Foxpro community!
    Alemiro Almeida, Alj Software, Sao Paulo, Brazil

  749. Thank you for continuing to support and enhance an incredibly effective tool! Vern Bradner
    Vern Bradner, Middlesex, New Jersey, United States

  750. Thank you for your strong support of Visual FoxPro comunity. Great job!!
    Jan Vít, Praha, Czech Republic

  751. Long Live the Fox Team! Ajit Abraham, Bahrain - Middle East
    Ajit Abraham, Garments International, Manama, Bahrain

  752. Happy 10th Anniversary to Microsoft's Visual Foxpro! Keep up the good work guys, and I look forward to 10 even better years with this great product!
    Brian Deffenbaugh, IAM Technology, Lewis Center, Ohio, United States

  753. Great work, still my favourite development tool, since DOS days. Thanks Microsoft and VFP Team, keep it up. Long live the Fox. Sohail Nomani, U.A.E.
    Sohail Nomani, Karachi, Pakistan

  754. Thank you Microsoft for making VFP the excellent product that it is! Keep up the good work.
    Matt Trainor, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia, United States

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    Eric Gauthier, DGC Solutions Inc., Mirabel, Quebec, Canada

  756. Been at it for 7 years with you guts. Keep rolling on.
    Ray Mulligan, Covington, Louisiana, United States

  757. Let's have another ten as exciting as the first. Congratulations Fox+Microsoft.
    Judy Scofield, Scofield & Associates, Grandview, Missouri, United States

  758. My first "real" programming job was with the Fox, and I have never regretted the choice. There is a great community of people to help teach the language. There is such a willingness to grow and expand. The UT, the chats, the Hentzenwerke is a continuing educational dream come true. All of you connected with Fox Rock!
    Sharon Hodgson, Michigan Health & Hospital Assoc., Lansing, Michigan, United States

  759. Thanks
    Paul Manning, Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States

  760. Congratulations!!!!
    Xiaochen Yang, Rr Donnelley, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States

  761. Here's to 10 more years of success! George Simon, GS Data Technologies, LLC., Cincinnati, OH, United States
    George Simon, GS Data Technologies, LLC, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

  762. Happy 10th Anniversary to the "The fastest & easiest PC DBMS" ever.
    Henry G. Almase, Nj Transit, Newark, New Jersey, United States

  763. Happy Birthday,Visual Foxpro ! Happy Birthday,authors!
    Alexandr Drobot, Private, Kiev, Ukraine

  764. What can one say? For 10 years we hear about the demise of VFP. In the meantime - we charge less when developing in VFP make twice the profit than in any other language, and enjoy MUCH more. The closest there is to an ideal product!
    Eylon Meroz, Meroz Software Systems Ltd., Jerusalem, Israel

  765. Happy 10th! Let's go for another 10!
    Neal Dannenberg, Datek Online, New York, New York, United States

  766. Happy 10th anniversary and congratulations for the continue evolution and support of such a great development tool.
    Andres Lorenzo, The Bronx Health Plan, Bronx, New York, United States

  767. It's been a great ride (using since 1994) - keep the innovations coming! - JP Vidas
    James Vidas, Greenhill, Germantown, Maryland, United States

  768. WAIT WINDOW "You go Fox!!!!" NOWAIT
    Jeff Savin, Datek Online, Jersey City, New Jersey, United States

  769. I have been using FoxPro since version 2. I am facinated with the new versions 3 - 7. Thank you all for everything and please keep up the great work.
    Eric Talley, Tma, Crystal City, Virginia, United States

  770. Happy anniversary to my favorite programming tool. One wish : Keep the focus on object oriented programming. The best addition to VFP for the last ten years.
    Jean-Marc Frenette, Ministère Des Ressources Naturelles, Québec, Quebec, Canada

  771. Thanks, Microsoft!
    Tony Hess, Turner Vision, Bluefield, West Virginia, United States

  772. Ten Great Years with a Great Product! Keep up the good work!
    John Murray, Health Research, Inc., Albany, New York, United States

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    Andrew Maki, Tps Network, Hartland, Michigan, United States

  774. Congratulations on your 10 years of success. Keep up the good work!!
    Randy Friend, Prophetline, Inc, Fort Smith, Arkansas, United States

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    Rosemari Jemison, Cnr, Huntsville, Alabama, United States

  776. Congratulations!!! I look forward to what the next 10 years will bring to this powerful, yet easy to use develpment tool...
    Roger Nettler, Creative Data Design, Great Neck, New York, United States

  777. FoxPro is a great language. I started using FoxPro since FP 2.0. This was about the time that FoxPro was sold to Microsoft. I especially enjoyed when VFP was introduced with OOP. Keep it going!! Thanks
    John Beard, Bridgestone/Firestone Off Road Tire Co., Nashville, Tennessee, United States

  778. Happy Anniversary Microsoft and Foxpro, what a marraige. Wishing you many more. My deepest heart - felt appreciation to the team that supports such a great product that allows me to develop such fantastic products for my customers with such ease that, in their eyes, makes me look like a Hero . . . Thanks.
    Terry Frymire, Pcc Airfoils, Douglas, Georgia, United States

  779. Happy anniversary to the best XBase language.
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