NEW Version 1.101! ArgTxlib for Textcontrol, DPI-Awareness, New Option+About+Splash Dialog
Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010 at 02h52
Alex Grigorjev has brought us his marvelous Command Bars Library. Now he gives us something even more powerful: the complete integration of the industry leading activex Textcontrol, adapted to VFP. Implementation of a powerful, ribbon based Textcontrol into your app has neven been easier before! Design new apps with integrated Textcontrol with the look and feel of Office 2007/2010-written in pure VFP-Code. Save hundreds of hours of development time with this libs. Quickly redesign old VFP-Apps...
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Version 1.1. gives you DPI-Awareness, Textcontrol runtimes included! This is a demo of all the product features. The demo is no longer virtualized but "winrared". Txcontrol version 15.1 runtimes and foxpro runtimes are delivered with this demo, just for people who don´t use version 9 of VFP or don´t have the textcontrol runtimes. Watch the new fading possibility of command bars lib in action with this demo.

For developers who want to redesign their apps, maybe the best and fastest option is to ask alex creating the basic app for them. So transferring an old-style app to a modern and very nice interface is mostly a matter of hours or days.

Here is a small screen video (flash format stream-sorry Steve Jobs and ipad users... ) to demonstrate the features of Arg Txlib:

2 demo apps: There are 2 exe files shipped this time: argtxlib_sample1.exe is just the plain txcontrol interface argtxlib_sampletom.exe is a demo of how you could implement textcontrol into your app. In the 2nd demo the ribbon with the textcontrol is only shown when needed.

Argtxt for Text Control features: -Integrate comprehensive word processing into your VFP applications. -modern ribbon interface with fading effects, adaptable to your needs -multilevel undo, redo, integrated visual themes (incl. Office 2010 and Windows 7) -Print preview, zoom incl. zoom slider -Load, edit and save document-formats as: DOCX, DOC, RTF -Export and create directly Adobe PDF and PDF/A files with no further software or third party printer drivers -full table support including rightclick editing of table rows and columns. -headers and footers support -text frame support, page columns support -customizable quick access toolbar -font,paragraph, headers and footers,table, page setup, open and save, Search and Replace dialogs pre-integrated. -multi-language support (english, german and russian already integrated) -DPI-Awareness -Options, about dialog and splash-Screen -Completely royalty-free In case you want to download the txcontrol demo, here is the link(but you dont need the runtimes for the new demo):

There is a new service pack for Text Control 15.1, SP2. You can get it here:

Installation: Copy the files to a folder of your choice and start one of the exes from there. Klick on the "Textcontrol Ribbon Interface" tab to see the functional demo of ribbon-style activex txcontrol. Click on options on the right side of the menu to try out the fully implemented themes.

Infos for VFP-developers: You get more infos about the activex textcontrol on: You get more infos about Alex Grigorjev´s Command Bars Library on:

If you have any questions, suggestions or needs, please feel free to contact: Alex ( or Thomas ( per mail.

New changes and corrections in this release: Version 1.101 Toms Demo has now a splash screen with progress bar/line. Version 1.1 Runtime files of textcontrol are included in this demo, there is no need to install or register these activex files any more. DPI-Awareness: so far we know, this is the first VFP-Application, that is fully dpi aware. VFP-Dialogs are now scaled properly, depending on screen resolution and Windows font (small, medium, big) settings. We have included 3 very nice dialogs too, the option dialog, a new about dialog and a splash screen(only in toms demo) . The option dialog has a autoscroll function, so its very easy to place a lot of setup-options in this dialog. The user can scroll though the dialog like in Office 2010 Option-Dialog.

Version 1.0 Problems with print preview are corrected, headers, footers and tables are now completely implemented. You can add and remove headers, footers and table rows now. To see the table row functionality rightclick on a table row and choose the table menu options. There were some compatibility problems with VFP regarding textcontrol, Alex added therefore a small external dll (ArgTxLib.dll). The whole functionality is now compiled into a separate app file ( and a small vfp vcx lib. The multilingual support now has been finished. The german and russian xml file is now completely translated. Developers who need localization apart from english, german or russian can translate the xml file by themselves. Please send them to us, so we can publish it for other developers. The actual (version 1.0) english xml - file for localisation you find here: German and russian xml-files are here, just for interested developers:

Just for internal information.. VFP code/exes are obfuscated, don´t waste you time.. :-)


For the first time in vfp-history (so far we know), someone has managed to handle the problems with DPI-Virtualisation and different screen fonts. With the new dpi-awarness lib you are able to create VFP-dialogs, that scale correctly under small, medium and big screen font settings-used in windows vista and 7. More infos about DPI-Awareness you get here:

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Thomas Cornau, Medical Database Components


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