New Release of Stonefield Query SDK
Friday, September 21st, 2012 at 13h31
Stonefield Query has all of the built-in Features you expect in an enterprise reporting solution including Dashboards, Report Scheduler, Role-based Security, Report Templates, Drill Downs, Exclusion/Inclusion Filters, Emailed Reports, Customizable SQL Select, Advanced Report Designer and Multiple Output Options (PDF, HTML, XML, XPS, Excel®, CSV, Word®, RTF, DBF). Now your end-users can take advantage of the wealth of information stored in your business database when they need it. They can cre...
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Stonefield Query SDK Version 4.2.4603 has several great new features. Report Designer - The new Auto-fit to page setting for quick reports automatically reduces the font when fields would normally be moved to a second row because there are too many to fit on one. This makes it possible for the fields to fit on a single row. - The new Find Field button in step 2 of the report wizards makes it easier to find a field by part of the caption. - Reports can be combined into a single PDF output by specifying the same file name for each report and turning on the new Append to existing file setting. - The Dashboard window now supports outputting all charts to a single PDF file. - You can now sort a chart by values rather than the default alphabetically by category by setting the Sort setting in the Field Properties dialog to Ascending or Descending Order. - Stonefield Query now supports printer custom forms specified in templates. This allows you to, for example, create a template that's very wide (using Tabloid size paper) so fields don't wrap onto a second row when there are lots of fields. - You can now define multi-line point labels for charts in Windows XP (it was only available in previous versions for Windows Vista and 7). - You now get a warning if you copy an expression from the Expression Builder and paste it into a place where real table and field names are required, such as the expression for a formula or a field in the Advanced Report Designer. Previously, you would get an error when running the report. Stonefield Query Studio - You can now specify the location of the project files at install time. - You can now activate a license programmatically by passing "activate=serial number" on the command line to Stonefield Query. - You can now programmatically define enumerated or "display from related table" fields, such as in a DataEngine.GetCustomMetaData script. - Performance is improved when a table that uses a Select script to return an XML result set has fields using expressions in the Caption or Picture properties. - The SQProxy object has a new Ready property that allows you to control when the Application.AfterSetup script executes. - A new file, Convert.FLL, must be distributed with Stonefield Query.
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Ken Kupchyk, Stonefield Software Inc.


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