West Wind Markdown Monster
Thursday, December 29th, 2016 at 17h30
Markdown Monster is an easy to use and extensible Markdown Editor, Viewer and Weblog Publishing tool. The editor sports syntax colored editing of Markdown text, inline spell checking, live HTML preview, embedding of images, links and built-in support for screen captures along with a few gentle toolbar helpers to facilitate embedding content into your markdown.
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Markdown Monster is an easy to use and attractive Markdown Editor and Viewer and Weblog Publishing tool. The editor provides Markdown syntax coloring and fast text entry. A collapsible and synced live HTML preview lets you view your rendered Html as you type, inline spell-checking and word counts keep your content streamlined. Easily add links, emoji, images and capture screen shots to embed in your content interactively or via markup. Images can be pasted, dragged or selected from disk. You can also export your markdown as HTML or import HTML to Markdown. If you write a Blog content, you can publish your Markdown text straight to your Weblog with support for WordPress, MetaWeblog API and Medium. You can also download and edit existing posts as Markdown. Markdown Monster is also highly extensible via custom add-ins which can be written with .NET code. A couple of addins allow for scripting of Markdown Monster and scriptable templating to generate customized text into your content. Markdown Monster can be downloaded and evaluated for free, but a license is required for continued use. Although Markdown Monster is licensed software, the source code is available in the open on GitHub. For more info please visit:
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Rick Strahl, West Wind Technologies
Rick Strahl is an independent developer on Maui, Hawaii. His company West Wind Technologies specializes in Internet Application development focused on Internet Information Server, ISAPI, C++ and Visual FoxPro. Rick is author of West Wind Web Connection, a powerful Web application framework for Visual FoxPro, West Wind HTML Help Builder, co-author of Visual WebBuilder, a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, and a frequent contributor to FoxPro magazines and books. His book, Internet Applications...


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Quick and easy URL and load testing for your Web applications. If you need an easy way to capture or enter HTTP requests, and test them or play them back under load, WebSurge lets you get started in a few minutes. Use our capture tool or manually enter requests, and then save URLs as sessions. Test individual URLs (ideal for REST APIs) or run full load tests of entire Web sites.
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The West Wind Web Toolkit provides a host of essential utility functionality for your ASP.NET Web applications. From AJAX and jQuery tools and components and easy REST services, to core ASP.NET utility functionality, to globalization, to a flexible two-way data binding control, to a large set of utility functions useful in just about any .NET and/or ASP.NET Web project this toolkit comprises a set of functionality that is not flashy, but covers many core, day to day tasks required in almost ever...
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Need to call complex SOAP Web Services from Visual FoxPro? The Web Service proxy generator provides a robust Web Service access platform for FoxPro that takes advantage of the rich infrastructure available for Web Services in the .NET framework and makes it available for your FoxPro applications with minimal code using only FoxPro code. An easy to use Wizard automates the .NET and FoxPro client proxy generation, so you can generate and then execute methods on your Web services in minutes. ...
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The West Wind Web Store is an easy to use and flexible .Net Shopping Cart eCommerce application and business object framework. You can be up and running with a stock store in minutes! Use it as is with the stock configuration options or customize the code for your specific business environment with the provided C# source code. Why reinvent the wheel for user tracking and profile management, a flexible shopping cart, built-in support for credit card processing and flexible inventory management? T...
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West Wind Client Tools provides a rich client side library of tools for Internet enabling Visual FoxPro applications along with a large library of useful tools required for typical modern desktop applications. This class includes all of the functionality of the West Wind Internet Protocols including email (SMTP, POP3), powerful HTTP Web access tools, FTP, TCP/IP Sockets and more. The library also provides a lightweight business object class (wwBusiness), a SQL Server DAL class, remote Web data a...
Wednesday, October 11th, 2000 at 08h37
Implementation of a SOAP manager that handles SOAP packaging and unpackaging for both client and server sides. Rich support for several current SOAP implementations including compatibility for MS SOAP Toolkit and Apache's Perl and Java server and client pieces. Full data type support including VFP objects. Includes several rich examples that teach about how SOAP works.
Thursday, April 15th, 1999 at 23h28
Easily add XML capabilities to your application or use wwXML to transfer data across the Internet. This handy class converts VFP cursors and objects to XML even for pre-7.0 versions. XML exports support schemas and DTDs and the ability to name nodes. Object exports allow easy serialization and de-serialization of objects to and from XML. Very useful also for parsing complex object data retrieved from Web Services. wwXML is flexible and can parse partial documents and provides many routines for ...
Saturday, February 20th, 1999 at 13h44
This class library allows parsing of COM type libraries. Retrieve COM classes, methods, properties, constants, events along with all related information like parameters, return values and type information for each. Also includes a method for retrieving all Enums and Constants from a TypeLib and creating a Header file from it. Ever wanted all the ADO constants? Try it on MSADO.DLL and get a header of the constants! Requires: VStudio6 or VB6 (for TLBINF32.DLL)
Saturday, January 23rd, 1999 at 11h41
Class that wraps access to the Adobe PDFWriter software to allow unattended creation of rich Adobe Acrobat documents that can be used over the Web. Print VFP reports on the server, output to PDF and send the result to browser to display. Includes class code and complete article describing how it works.
Sunday, December 13th, 1998 at 10h51
Create end user or developer documentation and help files quickly and easily. Help Builder's unique environment focuses on creating documentation quickly with an interactive editor using design templates that let you concentrate on content generation. You can create documentation for Html Help 1.0 and 2.0, Web ready HTML that you can upload directly to a Web Server via FTP and Word formats. For developers Help Builder integrates into FoxPro and Visual Studio and you can quickly import and docum...
Monday, July 14th, 1997 at 10h41
Web Monitor is a Windows application to ensure that your Web sites are up and running and responding the way you expect them to. If there are failures, get notified of the downed site via email or SMS or fire local code or URLs in response to failures. Then when sites come back up get notified of the fixed issue. Web Monitor can run as a standalone Windows application, task tray icon or Windows service. An ASP.NET Web front end is also available to remotely administer site and review logs. ...
Saturday, May 10th, 1997 at 16h37
The wwBanner class provides an easy mechanism to display rotating banners on a dynamic Web site running on a Visual FoxPro back end.
Saturday, May 10th, 1997 at 16h37
This Registry class provides abstracted, simple, compound methods for reading and writing registry keys via one step method calls.
Wednesday, February 12th, 1997 at 21h46
wwIPStuff provides Internet client tools to Visual FoxPro applications with a modular class library of tools. The library provides email support for SMTP and POP3, full featured HTTP Web access, with easy support for authentication, proxies, timeouts, cookies and custom HTTP headers to allow easy retrieval and interaction with Web content. It also provides FTP file transfers, low level TCP/IP Socket access for both client and server, Internet Dialing features, DNS and DNS reverse lookups and a n...
Sunday, February 25th, 1996 at 07h23
Web Connection is a complete application framework for developing scalable, Web based business solutions using Visual FoxPro. With Web Connection you can create both server and client centric Html based Web applications, REST services or application servers. You can use the familiar FoxPro language and development environment to reuse existing FoxPro business code on the Web, using the environment and tooling you already know.