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This page displays a list of testimonials. Testimonials are satisfaction comments about your appreciation to something. If you have a nice comment to say, please, send it to us and we will be happy to post it here. We will certainly appreciate your support to let others know about us.

Universal Thread always allowed me to keep in touch with the best professionals, to solve questions that otherwise would have taken a long time, also allowed me access to the most updated information, new processes and methodologies. The debates always have a high level of professionalism and seriousness. The Universal Thread software platform have been evolving all these years always being in the top. Right now is one of the best platforms I know. Universal Thread helped me in my job and of course I supported them in all the ways I could, with the goal to build all together one of the best technical communities in the software development area, thanks to this platform I have been able to overcome challenges and achieve professional success.
Jose Enrique Llopis, Alicante, Spain

J'ai embauché Michel à son début de carrière et j'ai su immédiatement que ce candidat possédait un immense potentiel. Très professionnel, minutieux et brillant, Michel avait un sens aigu de compréhension des besoins de son client. Aujourd'hui, il n'est donc pas surprenant que Michel soit un consultant de tout premier ordre. Je lui souhaite tout le succès bien mérité.
Pierre Rivet, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Michel is one of the best if not the best in his field of expertise. He has always impressed me with his knowledge about IT technology. Also, I am real impressed with all of the achievements he's made since we've worked together at ÉTS Montreal. I highly recommend this guy because like I said, he is the best.
Sylvain Huneault, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I worked with Michel at ETS (Quebec University). Michel was directly involved in a great number of projects and ventures while at ETS. He was always at the forefront of ongoing developments in his department and beyond. Always at the leading edge of technology in his expertise. I have been following his career since ETS and I have been impressed with his accomplishments. Michel was a consultant before I was, and he was an inspiration for me then and now. He has maintained professional contacts around the world and this also demonstrate high level of knowledge and reputation. I had the opportunity to work with him and, without any doubt, I would highly recommend him for every related opportunity.
Luc Gagnon, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Michel is a large professional enterprise and sharing knowledge as anyone. He has the gift of making others grow as well. Congratulations for your site. I learned a lot when I developed with FoxPro and Visual FoxPro.
Saulo Marques, São Paulo, Brazil

Working with Michel recently had been a great pleasure. Despite a large distance and across multiple time zones, Michel responded timely and thoroughly to my inquires and exceeded my expectations. He gets down to the essential and is very focused during communications, highly appreciated and recommended. Any time again. Being a member on Universal Thread since around 2001, Michel has created a valuable platform for technological exchange among software developers world-wide.
Jochen Kirstätter, Kirstätter, Mauritania

Michel is one of the most focused professionals I've seen in my life. It was a pleasure and a challenge to work with him. He came up with interesting solutions and features for our product overnight and we quickly teamed up to make them available to our users. More than a decade ago Michel was practicing Lean Startup techniques way before they were known as such. He is not only a very skilled professional, but a resourceful and driven person, able to tackle any hard problem.
Martin Salias, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I have worked with Michel several years ago and have always been impressed at how goal-oriented he is. He always focused on delivering relevant features and made sure to find the shortest way to get there, with the highest level of quality. He's also clear on expressing the needs and extremely professional on handling his businesses, projects, and people who work with him. I have nothing but good memories from working with Michel, and his accomplishments in the projects we've collaborated on have always been inspiring.
Claudio Lassala, Houston, Texas, United States

I would like take this moment to thank Michel Fournier who I have used his company's knowledge, Level Extreme Inc., and trusted for many of my projects in the past years. I was always impressed by his professionalism and out of the box thinking in the business world. He has helped me and my production companies reach higher levels especially on the Web and social media. His work ethic goes above expectations. He delivers the work in a timely and efficient matter. If you are looking for someone to innovate your company, Michel Fournier would be the person you would want to work with.
Marc Basque, Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada

Je connais Michel Fournier depuis presque 20 ans. Il a été présent à toutes les étapes importantes de l'évolution de mon entreprise: lorsque nous avons migré nos logiciels de la plateforme dBASE7 à VisualFoxPro6; puis, lorsque nous avons passé d'une solution logiciel à une solution en ligne sur internet grâce à son framework Fournier Transformation; et enfin, lorsque nous avons migré de Visual FoxPro à Visual Studio-dotNet. Pendant toutes ses années, Michel a été d'un grand secours grâce à son expertise hors-pair et à ses connaissances dans le domaine des frameworks. Sans lui, nous ne serions pas en ce moment un des leaders mondiaux de la gestion des plans en ligne reconnu dans le domaine de l'immobilier au Canada, aux États-Unis et en Europe. Notre société, par le biais de sa plateforme basée sur la technologie de Michel Fournier, gère en ce moment un peu plus de 300 millions de pieds carrés dans le secteur public (hôpitaux, universités, bâtiments publics, etc.) et du secteur privé (tours à bureaux, centres commerciaux, parcs industriels, etc.) et doublera ce nombre l'an prochain en gérant les bâtiments de l'administration publique américaine (GSA). Je recommande très fortement Michel pour son implication dans l'avancement de l'informatique en général (grâce à Level Extreme et Universal Thread) et aussi pour son dévouement personnel qu'il déploie dans tous les projets qu'il entreprend.
Dominique Dubuc, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I’ve been working in collaboration with Michel for about 15 years. He’s goal oriented, communicates very well and takes care of everything in his project up to the smallest details. It’s always a pleasure working in a team where he’s one of the key players.
Félix Houde, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The most important part of the UT is its forum members. They’re from many walks of life with a wide range of real-world experience. UT members are helpful, technical forum signal-to-noise ratio is very high and there’s none of the snarky attitude you see on some forums. Whether it’s software development, IT infrastructure or how to run an IT-related business, there are experienced people you can talk with. Don’t see your topic? Make a suggestion, and the UT will create a forum for you! The UT’s ground-breaking threaded-message user interface has been around for over 15 years. It’s like using a fast computer – if you use it for a while you don’t want to use anything else. Why don’t other forums do that?
Al Doman, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Since almost 20 years, the Universal Thread is a place to share in constant evolution which evokes a real admiration from its users. Its advanced functions are a reference for traditional 'desktop' developers that wish to evolve towards the Web. By animating the VFP community, UT shows its vivacity and good exchange quality between the members. Anxious to carry high professional quality content, UT raises the debates between developers towards essential questions of strategy around new technologies while remaining accessible to beginners and novices. Reinforcing the trust between the community members is also an essential contribution of UT that I incline to compare it to a country club. The recent efforts of UT team towards version 2.0 are spectacular; it softly brings developers rather conservative to new communications mode that will only enrich their exchanges. I want to congratulate the team.
Thierry Nivelet, Paris, France

I have been using UniversalThread since I immigrated to Canada and got my first job, more than 15 years ago. At first, I used it as a reference for what was happening in the world of FoxPro but over the years it has shown me that it is truly the best source of information available. My co-workers and I take counsel from the technical expertise and professionalism of the answers to the questions on a daily basis. I find that it has the best interface when it comes to navigating through the countless of questions and answers available. In my opinion, the Universal Thread is one of the best source of information out there.
Hugo Ranea, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

I have been a Universal Thread user for more than 15 years - the longest amount of time dedicated to one forum. This is the forum I am opening daily as long as I have computer's access. I am active in other technical forums but I never saw a better User Interface with such rich functionality. I also met several technical gurus on Universal Thread site and continue to use their support in my daily tasks. The forum's community is very passionate about technology and there are several widely recognized experts among the regulars. I enjoy communicating with the people from that community and I know a few of them personally.
Naomi Nosonovsky, Fox Point, Wisconsin, United States