The « Level Extreme Platform » provides a high end social networking threaded environment platform for the developers community, by offering a variety of forums to exchange and discuss on a series of topics. A great lineup of forums is available for technical support such as ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, Internet Information Server, Microsoft Office, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Windows and Visual FoxPro.

The product has served the developers community since 1993. Recognized as one of the longest running websites of the planet, also known as a precursor to social networking, the product has established a solid infrastructure by offering a high end forum engine. Among the first of its kind on the Internet, the product has evolved and responded to the community's need to remain a unique, pleasant within a highly professional environment to use.

Offering multilingual interfaces for many years, the product has conquered the community in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Slovak and Dutch languages. Presented in user groups, companies and conferences in Canada as well as in the United States over the years, the product has attracted enthusiasts who rapidly recognized the power and the flexibility of the product. The product has always kept a vision to offer something professional with lots of flexibility so it would stand out from the crowd.

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The subscription is optional but remains vital aspect of the ongoing support and evolution of the product. Either as benefits for your daily usage of the site or as a donation, your support is highly appreciated. It has helped us over the years continue to maintain the site and respond to your needs. The annual subscription is an equivalent of 0.36$/day CAD, less in US currency.

The subscription provides full access to the forums. If you use the site on a regular basis, you will find the subscription to be a required investment. The additional tools you will benefit such as using the search engine will make your presence on the site much more productive.

Among some recent additional to the benefits of the subscription, additionally to the ability to customized the content in the newsfeed, there is also the ability to receive email notifications of specific messages created in categories. Thus, you can define categories you would like to be notified as soon as incoming messages apply. Subscribe or renew Subscription benefits