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Corporate profile
Level Extreme is a Canadian-based corporation located in New Brunswick. Founded in 1993, the company has been involved in significant projects in various countries while designed and management a variety of products. Level Extreme is also recognized for its contribution for the adjustment of a federal tax law to improve the Canadian position for the international e-commerce business. Level Extreme forsees innovation. It offers professional services in various domains such as project management, business intelligence, technology and information management.
The company provides high end consulting nationwide and internationally, onsite or offsite, in English and French environments. He recently completed another project as a business analyst for an entity of the Quebec government. Current project involvements include business intelligence and business analyst roles. A renowned speciality has also been built over the years in information technology solutions in the .NET and SQL Server platform. Michel has also designed the Level Extreme .NET Framework, aimed at delivering complete information technology solutions. Additional levels of expertises include architecture, data modeling, feasibility, prototyping, analysis, development, training, coaching & mentoring, RAD, OOP, OOD, internet and e-commerce.

Our portfolio includes, among many, La Financière Agricole du Québec, National Bank of Canada, Bell Sygma, Dynacom Technologies, Lanzen Corporation, Confédération des Caisses Populaires Desjardins, Microtec, Tal Investments, Pandrol Canada, CGI, Technologies SoftDesign, ADN Medical, DevTeach and Archidata.

Our involvement has been used in various areas such as business intelligence, opportunity reports, quality control, operation management, investigation systems, internet websites, social networking, collaborative platforms, monitoring applications, automated processes, Web Service applications, website auditing, risk assesment. We have occupied roles such as business analyst, solution architect, website integrator, project manager, product manager, functional analyst, system analyst and IT manager. View the portfolio

Significant achievements
Among significant achievements, we note the following:
  • As part of a solution architect role, in less than a few months, acted as a lead role to manage the virtualization project of the production environment of two products, negotiated the entire quoting process with suppliers, implemented the migration strategy, leveraged the new data center VM environment, orchestrated the security as well as its ongoing evolution.

  • Occupied a senior role, for the re-designed of Canadian nation wide Web site for car insurance industry for the repair shops. This site is used on a daily basis by thousands of persons and concentrates mostly on the transactional aspect of the data as well as the new social context of the Internet.

  • Designer, architect and owner of the previously known Universal Thread, a 25-year renowned recognized technical support site for the worldwide developer’s community. Released in 1993, upscale to commercial level in 1995, the site is a pioneer in Internet.

  • As part of a Universal Thread Product Manager role, managed and used the core foundation of the Universal Thread technology to release Chatter4u in just 10 days!

  • Designer, architect of the Level Extreme Web Site Platform, a product which brought new methodologies in regards to the development, hosting and support of small businesses point of presence on the Internet. Released at the beginning of 2010, this product has already seen the delivery of Web sites within 24 hours. The product included all the major components such as the public exposure of the site, the administrative options, statistics as well as social networking integration.

  • Designer, architect and owner of the Level Extreme Nightlife, a social site similar to Facebook for the Maritimes region. This site, of prototyping nature, was offering a dating platform as well as an impressive portal in regards to nightlife activities in the region.

  • Designer, architect and co-owner of the Direct Martial Arts, an international site which was promoting the martial arts industry. On this site, of commercial nature, the involvement consisted in various tasks such as product marketing, business plan, funding and pro format

  • Designer of the Leave Canada Now, a Web site which was created during the nationwide legal case "Level Extreme Inc. VS Revenue Canada Agency". This site was among a set of tools used for the contribution of a new e-commerce tax law which was released in 2008, with the focus to allow a better free trade on the international market. Interviews on the Téléjournal de Radio-Canada, at the Radio de Radio-Canada as well as multiple articles in the Telegraph Journal were related.

  • Among the greatest realizations, we note the Level Extreme .NET Framework, a framework which allows RAD development for any .NET related projects. Also known as among some very rare people to have succeeded to developed two major frameworks in their career.

  • Owner of the online magazine Universal Thread Magazine, a magazine which was related to the topics covered on the Universal Thread, thus containing technical articles in the Microsoft technology area.

  • From the Universal Thread, established the necessary architecture to provide a coverage portal for international conferences in regards to Microsoft technologies. The portal has provided coverage of more than 60 international events having been presented in Canada, United States, Germany and Czech Republic.
Recognitions and awards
Among significant recognitions and awards, we note the following:

  • From an active involvement in the developers community, in regards to Microsoft technologies, obtained the Microsoft Most Valued Professional recognition for Visual FoxPro in 1997, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

  • From an active involvement in the developers community, in regards to Microsoft technologies, obtained the Microsoft Most Valued Professional recognition for VB.NET in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014

  • From the Universal Thread, won Developer's Choice Award for best Web site at VFP DevCon 2000 Connections in New Orleans

  • In recognition to the advanced research in the Web Service technology with Visual FoxPro, invited to present at the Bonus Session of the DevCon 2001 conference which was held in San Diego

  • Featured in l’Acadie Nouvelle newspaper in regards to the international achievement of a career. The article « Connected to the World » was published October 18th, 2003