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Visual Accpro Accounting Software - Demo Ver.
Pravin Pawar, Pamtsoft
Visual AccPro is a complete inventory & accounting Software Which is used by Traders, Wholesalers, Retailers, Transports, Petrol Pumps, Accountants, Commission agents (Brokers) and also useful for small scale Industries & companies, Automobiles,Tiles/ Cement Agencies, FMCG Agencies Warehouse Management. It is a simple, clear and user-friendly interface designed to be understood by business owners, not just accountants. Visual Foxpro Solutions Provider...
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8 years ago
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We also Provide Customized ERP System with Following Features:
  • No Server or High-end Computers are required
  • Effective Monitoring of overall operations of the company
  • User Friendly and Smart User Interface
  • Big saving on time, enabling productive use of manpower
  • Customize as per company requirement
  • No Specialized Manpower Required
  • Super solution for any type of business nature
  • Set user rights as per their role, Multiple Level Security
  • Administrator Login provides total access of Software and Settings
  • Efficient handling of order processing and production scheduling
  • Multiple levels of bill of material
  • GRN (goods receipt note) & returns
  • MRP (material requirement planning)
  • Maintain optimal inventory levels
  • Simplify inventory transactions
  • Plan and schedule production with process
  • Dynamic control of the purchasing of raw materials
  • Customized report like Daily, Weekly, From Date and To Date
  • Reports and data can be exported to pdf, excel, word, html, image
  • Production Planning
  • Planning Vs. Actual Consumption Analysis
  • Vendor Performance Monitoring
  • Receipt & Comparison of Quotation – Vendor Rating Analysis
  • Material Issue - Job Work / Shop Floor / Against Indent
  • Pending GRN Status
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    Pravin Pawar, Pamtsoft

    Best Software for Accounts and Billing Pravin Pawar, January 13, 2014