Fes - fox screen savior
Monday, October 30th, 2017 at 15h52
Screen savior for multiple monitors. Actually just displays photos, needs more work to be installed as .scr file - creates its own .\zdata folder with tables just beneath itself instead of somewhere in %appdata%. This should be easy to do. Runs on a timer. Press ESC to exit.
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Uses Doug Hennig's sfmonitors and a few tricks from Sergey. Has ini file where you set folders to be scanned for photos. Skips some .png files which cause errors (record stays deleted so it doesn't try again). Has preference to show portrait photos on the monitor with highest height/width ratio. Interval set at 4s. Source comments in serbian except where inherited.
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Dragan Nedeljkovich, Independent
After (and/or along with) playing with Sinclair ZX Spectrum and Atari ST, I left teaching in 1986 and went through a series of machines and operating systems: CP/M (Cobol, Turbo pascal, CB-80 Basic), PDP and VAX (Cobol, Basic Plus 2, scripts), DOS 3.1 through 7.0, Windows 3.1 through XP. Ran several (almost) forgotten networks - RPTI, Lantastic, WFWG, Novell 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, Windows peer-to-peer and eventually NT and just plain IP (Win/Lin mix). After a brief flirt with Clipper in 1988, discovered...

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1.Koen Piller16/12/2017 11:15Hi, The procedure errors on my configuration (W(10) VFP9SP2 toFasc=This.oFSO.getfolder(This.cPolazni) seems cPolazni is empty ( '') How can I solve? Regards, Koen

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Sunday, January 11th, 2004 at 18h16
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Thursday, August 5th, 1999 at 23h42
Scans for classes of baseclass Form along VFP path, keeps them in a table, and creates a new form from the class you pick.
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